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How to Get Through An Airport, Without Pulling Your Hair Out!!!

Most travelers I know can’t stand the loooonnnnggggg security lines at the airports. They get EXTREMELY anxious.

Heck, I can’t stand them either.

For a long time, I thought I just had to deal with it. Some problems aren’t fixable, right?

Turns out, that’s not the case at all. And in this email, I’m going to show you two steps you can take immediately to avoid this problem once and for all.

So how do we control our anxiety during those agonizing airport security lines?

Use these 2 Simple Secrets to Prevent Airport Anxiety:

Step 1: Remember WHY you’re going through security.

The #1 key to minimizing airport security anxiety is remembering that all of the security checks are in place for your safety so you can safely get to your dream travel destination.

Security is not trying to purposefully ruin your trip or make you miss your flight (more on that in step 2). They’re just doing their job.

Everyone in the line (yes even the guy going through the metal detectors with a pocket full of coins) has the same goal as you — get on the plane and get to where you’re headed. 

So RELAX. Enjoy the journey.

To do that, you just need to remember these 3 things:

  1. Think about the dream trip you’ve been working so hard to experience… You’re closer to it now than ever! Don’t ruin it.
  2. Play some good “Airport Flow” music. Here’s the perfect playlist.
  3. Dress light… Wear clothes without metal (buttons, zippers, etc). No belts (metal buckles). Wear shoes that can quickly be removed like loafers, tennis shoes or even better, flip-flops.

Step 2: Get to the airport early.

Most of the anxiety comes from the fact that you’re in a rush.

I’ve been here several times!

Either I was in a rush because I was anxious to get to my destination (I’m a sucker for beaches and pools), or I was just flat out late and close to missing my flight.

Getting to the airport 2 – 3 hours before your flight alleviates those worries and allows you to stay in the best head-space to endure those brutally long security lines.

When you’re rushing, you tend to make simple mistakes that can cost you more valuable time. Mistakes like:

  • misplacing your boarding pass
  • leaving your phone or ID at the check-in counter
  • forgetting to use the restroom before getting in the security line
  • foolishly thinking you can hold your bladder until you get through the security line
  • accidentally checking in your carry-on bag…
  • the list goes on and on

And it goes without saying getting early to the airport ensures you don’t miss your flight. Although it may seem like you’re in line for eternity, truthfully the worst of security lines take 45 minutes or less to get through. Hartfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport, the busiest airport in the world, reported max checkpoint waits of nearly 90 minutes.

Midweek early morning departures have the quickest security lines on average. In other words, stop overlooking those 6AM Wednesday morning flights…

These two steps seem pretty small, right?

That’s what makes them so great. With just small shifts in thought (and some AMAZING music), you can eliminate majority of the agony that comes with waiting in airports.

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