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Bali Travel Guide: Everything You Need to Know to Maximize Your Next Visit

Hey Dream Junkies!!!

My name is JaQuay Young El, founder of Young Lifestyle Travel. At Young Lifestyle Travel, our incredible community of travelers, known as Dream Junkies, live by a simple formula: “Work. Save. Travel. Repeat.”

Bali is one of those destinations that keeps me up at night – it’s nearly perfect! It’s extremely rare to find a travel destination rich enough in experiences for both the Dream Junkies considered to be travel aficionados and the eager beginner.  We fell in love with Bali after talking to clients who’ve returned from there ranting and raving about the culture, the food, the experiences… everything! It’s the textbook example of a Dream Destination.

Unfortunately, after booking travel  for so many years, I realize that many people don’t really even know how to dream up an escape to Bali (let alone actually manifesting that dream). They don’t see how to overcome the travel blocks standing in their way, so they give up — they don’t even bother to dream. This thought alone saddens me. 

That’s why we’ve made “Dreaming Bigger” the prime focus for Young Lifestyle Travel. 

In this guide I share my knowledge with you, covering “all things Bali” and help exhaust the questions most travelers have and dare to dream. Even for the experienced Dream Junkie, I’ve packed in some of my Pro Tips and personal travel secrets so you all can experience the finest qualities of Bali!

Think of this starter guide like the “Cliff Notes for Bali”– simple and to-the-point with everything you need to know before, during, and after your trip. We’ve also packed this guide with resource links, making it invaluable for anyone desiring to travel to this tropical wonderland.

So enjoy this guide. And enjoy Bali!

Peace and Love,


“The Island of the Gods”

Bali is well on its way to reaching “bucket list” status. Bali draws in over 5 million visitors annually, simply because Bali is becoming one of Asia’s most dreamed about destinations. 

Bali is one of the smaller islands in the Indonesian Archipelago, resting between the island of Java and Lombox. It is larger than Delaware and Rhode Island combined. It stretches about 140km (86.9 miles) from east to west and 80km (49.7 miles) from north to south.

Whether it is Bali’s picture perfect beaches the volcanoes, rich tropical forests, soaring waterfalls, extravagantly detailed temples, or it’s harmonious locals, Bali is guaranteed to bring any person into a heavenly mindstate. Bali also serves as home to a large population of expats – those escaping to paradise to chill, explore, relax or surf for an extended about of time.

Bali’s climate is tropical and humid, with May being the hottest month (around 28𝇈 C / 82.4𝇈 F) and January being the wettest month. 

April, May, June and September are generally considered the best times to visit, but also the most crowded (think Disney World during peak time). From our research, October is the best month to travel to Bali — October having low precipitation, bearable amount of tourism & phenomenal hotel rates!

Before You Go To Bali

Expedia: Paradise on a Budget

Whether you’re at the consideration stage or your mind is firmly set on Bali, you need to quickly figure out the estimated cost of experiencing paradise. When it comes to convenience, flexibility and great prices, bundled packages beat out almost every other deal imaginable.These packages include flight and hotel and ground transportation to and from the airport.

Check out our handy-dandy 15-Minute Travel Budget Guide to ace this part of planning your next dream vacation to Bali! It’s absolutely FREE!

Hotels tend to offer special rates if a flight is bundled with that hotel.Why is this? It’s incredibly easy to cancel on a Hotel reservation. On the other hand, cancelling a packaged deal with Flight and Hotel is much more challenging and shows you’re more committed to the trip — hotels like this and reward travelers with better rates.

NOTE: We list some of our highest recommended hotels later on in the “Destinations That Are Guaranteed Wins” section. 

Expedia: This is our go-to for unbelievable hotels, flights and bundles.

Expedia shows you so many different airline options and if you ever have to change or cancel your flight Expedia’s customer service will handle it all over the phone (just be patient and kind). Their rewards program is second to none and raking in points with them can equal free trips over time! We’ve found that other flight sites can be a bit tricky and their change and refunds policies aren’t always clear as they are on Expedia. 

PRO TIP: Save big time by booking 3 months before the trip for the best deals. Some Dream Junkies have scored 100% off their flight! No kidding. No lie. Just because they bundled the package with flight, hotel and ground transportation and paid in full, 3 months before their trip! 

AirBnB and Agoda: These two sites offer amazing deals – Agoda being the better of the two for locally hosted homes and villas. Being that this is a starter guide (and due to experiences with beginner travelers) we find it’s best to stick with Expedia for your first couple of trips to Bali. Once you’re comfortable with the island, “get adventurous” and try out either of these two options.

The Airlines themselves are good if you have rewards set up with them already. Once you’ve booked your flight with Expedia, contact your airline and provide them your flight confirmation information, and they’ll likely give you credit for that flight.

Booking with your airline rewards can score you first class seating for coach pricing, lounge access, priority check-in and boarding and more!

Multiply your rewards by using credit cards which earn travel rewards and airline credits. This is a speedy way to get airline points. Some cards will automatically give you an initial burst of points just for signing up for a credit card. 

All in all these simple strategies help reduce your largest costs for this Bali trip and future trips to come!

Passports and Visas

Passports must always be valid, at least 6 months from the day of arrival. For social visas, the time frame is 12 months. No exceptions.

Remember to keep a page in your passport empty for stamps or visa stickers!

The day of your arrival counts as day one and the day of departure counts as full day

There is a penalty fee for overstaying which is IDR 1,000,000 per day ($71 USD per day).

Visa Regulations are based on your citizenship / nationality. But never fear, over 160 nationalities don’t require a VISA (FREE ENTRY; max. stay 30 days) – If you have an American passport, this applies to you! 

Safety And Insurance

At Young Lifestyle Travel we make sure ALL of our Dream Junkies include insurance in their packages. Unexpected events happen from time to time preventing a traveler from going on the trip as planned. And it’s never a good feeling losing money on a trip you didn’t get to even enjoy.

With that being said, Expedia by far has the lowest travel insurance in the game! And it packs a punch in reference to what is covered. Get all the details here.

Definitely get insurance! It’s worth it. Expedia even offers Total protection plans to handle your medical expenses in another country!

Packing for Paradise

First always look at the weather for Bali according  to the month you’re traveling. Put in the month you are traveling and ask Google what’s the weather like during that month. You’d be amazed how accurate it is! 

What you pack is depending on what you are wanting to experience in Bali.

Generally less is more in Bali. 

We suggest shorts and shirts / tops made of nylon. These and “dry-fit” clothing work well in Bali’s dry or humid conditions. Females, ensure your clothing isn’t too revealing (more on this later on in the “Modesty” section) and that you’ll have shorts and a shirt to cover your swimsuit during times you’re not on the beach or in the water.

If you plan on trekking to the higher altitudes of Bali, bring a pair of jeans and a sweater or hoodie as nights and early morning sunrises are cold at high altitudes.

Tennis shoes are highly recommended. Some travelers have even reported getting by fine with just flip flops, even when exploring and hiking. 

If you plan on partying at clubs or eating at nice restaurants, bring a nice top (or dress for women) and some dress shoes. Many clubs and upscale restaurants don’t welcome flip-flops or tennis shoes.

When visiting the massive temples and sacred sites throughout Bali (there’s over 2,200 temples on the island) it is required for men and women to wear selendang to cover visitors from the waste down, and in some cases for women to tie their hair up. Unless you already own a slendang, it is a good idea to simply purchase one in Bali or purchase a quality selendang here.

The Bali Plug

In Bali and Indonesia you can expect the 2 pin socket and plug (round) as used in parts of Europe.  Hotels, resorts, hostels and private villas usually have adapters available for purchase. If you want to play it safe, you can purchase an adapter ahead of time here (only $12).

Aside from that, you’ll need to pack the basics needed in all travel. The worst feeling is boarding an international flight only to remember you left your passport or other essential item. 

We’ve created a list of essential items in a how-to post. With this list, you can’t lose when it comes to packing:

The Ultimate Travel Prep List: 83 Crucial Items Travelers Typically Forget To Pack

Essential Apps

Expedia – Book a bundle deal with flight, hotel and ground transportation for more savings. It works. The more things you add to your trip, the more money you save.

XE Currency – Find out the currency conversion rates instantly. These rates are LIVE meaning there’s no delay in the accuracy of the conversion rates.

Google Translate [Android] | [iOS] – Don’t know how to speak another language. Don’t worry Google has your back. Download this app and you will be able to talk to anyone you like all over the world without any communication barriers.

WhatsApp – Need to connect with someone back at home and don’t have international calling on your phone? No sweat. Download this app and program your contacts to stay in touch with those you left back at home during your vacation. Also in most countries those in the city use Whatsapp so you don’t have to use the hotel lobby phone to talk locally.

Skipplagged – Know the best time to buy your ticket. The best time to fly. Even the best rates on one way travel. This is one of the best flight apps out.

Gojek [Android] | [iOS] – Ride Sharing app while in Indonesia. Also their Bluebird Taxi is also here too. This app is what you need while in Bali. Order food delivery from your favorite Bali restaurants and more! Bali doesnt like Uber.

Duolingo – Learn a language easy. Get quick words sent to you daily and brush up on any language.

Google Maps [Android] | [iOS] – Navigate your world faster and easier with Google Maps. Get real-time GPS navigation, traffic, and transit info, and explore local neighborhoods by knowing where to eat, drink and go – no matter what part of the world you’re in. And with offline maps, you can download Bali maps before you leave, allowing you to access the map with or without internet connection.

Before Your Departure

Always head to the airport three hours before your departure time. International flights open 3 hours before departure and close 90 minutes before departure. Some airlines are tighter than this so don’t gamble with this. The earlier you’re at the airport the better! 

Check in 24 hours before online so that you don’t show up to a full plane and be stuck with the worst seats on the plane (near the toilet). You can change you seat or get moved to preferred seating if you check-in ahead of time and maybe even choose your favorite seat. 

Airport Anxiety: Keep airport anxiety down to the minimum by staying focused on Bali itself. You’re hours away from paradise — sheer heaven! Don’t let a few airport challenges kill your vibe. 

PRO TIP: To help with this, we’ve curated the perfect playlist to help ease airport anxiety. Listen to it here.

Final Tasks Before Departing

Notify Your Bank: Two weeks before your departure, call your bank to make them aware of your Trip to Bali and when you are leaving. This puts your bank on notice preventing them from blocking any charges you make in Bali and mistaking them as fraud. 

It can take hours to rectify this issue with your bank on the back end (you may even end up stuck in Bali without access to your funds) so do this before you leave!

“Back Up” Your Essential Documents: A great way to make sure all your documentation is safe while on vacation is to take pictures of your passport, identification and Visas. Print them as well as your itineraries, receipts of your lodging and flights and pack them in your carry on. Do not rely on simply having your information in an email on your mobile device! This is a recipe for disaster! We explain further on how and why to do this here.

Once You’re In Bali

Your Arrival

With only one airport on the Island – Ngurah Rai International Airport better known as Denpasar  serves several airlines spanning across Asia, Australia and Europe.

Have all your documents ready to show Customs upon your arrival. Be patient and relax while waiting in line. It’s typical for the travelers at customs to be asked questions like “where are you staying?”, “how long will you be in Bali?” Anxiety can really build up when you know how close you are to your dream vacation. 

Keep all paperwork provided by customs with you at all times, even during your return back home. Bali customs may ask for that paperwork upon departure, so don’t lose it.

Get Some “Cash”

The local currency in Bali is the Indonesian Rupiah. $1 USD is equivalent to about 13,000 rupiah. When first arriving, it’s best to use the ATM or currency exchange booths in airports because they typically have better exchange rates. 

We recommend taking out only what you need for a day or two. Resist the urge to exchange a large amount of money at one time. If you have a surplus of of rupiah at the end of your trip, converting back to US will cost even more money. 

We discuss more on what to do with leftover rupiah at the end of your trip in the section “Dealing with Leftover Money”.

Staying Connected

Chargers and SIM Cards are sold at the airport in Bali but we don’t suggest you buy them there. There are plenty of stores that sell SIM cards and other phone accessories at a lower costs so your best bet is to buy it there. You’ll be able to effortlessly surf the web and use your GPS with their SIM cards while you are in Bali and charge your devices using the correct voltage connections.

Internet and WIFI in Bali is fast!!! So you’ll be able to surf the net, connect on social media and post selfies just as you would back at home.

Balinese Culture 101

Knowing the customs of any country you are traveling to is essential and just simply respectful to the locals. Just as you would be respectful in someone else’s home who has you as a guest, so should be respectful in Bali to the Balinese people and their lovely island.

In Bali, there are a few main customs we want to point out so that your experience is an unforgettable one and absent of any negative events:


Yes, we know everyone wants to show off their beach bod while in Bali. But in Bali, be sure to keep that shirt or sun dress on until you get to the sand or water. You can’t just walk about island shirtless or in bikinis. This isn’t Miami. In public places, public displays of affection is also frowned upon.

PRO TIP: If you are going to Bali on a romantic trip, Bali has some of the most romantic private villas on the planet (especially in Gili Trawangan)– they are perfect for being affectionate with your lover and you will save a ton of cash in the process.


Bali has a religious mix of Hindu and Islam. The Balinese are a very harmonious and tolerant people, all that is asked is respect for their culture while visiting.

When visiting Bali’s sacred spaces such as their majestic temples (called puras) and ancient ruins, make sure your shoulders are covered. Pack a scarf or shawls (called selendangs) as they are required when entering these sacred sites. Shawls are available for rent at the entrances of the temples, but that’s money going out the window. It’s best to purchase a shawl once you arrive in Bali for a very inexpensive price or plan ahead and purchase one here.

You cannot enter temples if you have open sores or are bleeding. Unfortunately for women this means if you are menstruating you cannot enter the temples. For both males and females, even if you have an open cut on your body you are not allowed in. 

Canang Sari: Every morning the Balinese place beautiful offerings of flowers, incense and other items called canang sari to the creator. You’ll see them scattered about everywhere throughout the island. Please do not disturb these offerings as you explore Bali. It is highly offensive to Balinese people to disturb their offerings. 

Prayer: If you see the Balinese praying, show them common courtesy and do not interrupt them or walk in front of them while religious ceremonies are taking place. Be mindful of others.

Pointing and Other Offensive Gestures

Never point to show someone something or to call attention to someone. Use your open hand. 

In Bali, avoid standing with your hands on your hips as it is a sign of aggression and scorn.

Also refrain from using your left hand when greeting a person, exchanging goods, eating, drinking, etc. In Balinese culture, the left hand is considered impure. 

Getting Around The Island And Beyond

Never fret about ground transportation in Bali. Bali has it ALL covered. Most of the hotels, villas or other places you choose to lodge have great contacts with the best drivers to pick you up from the airport. Just 135,000 rupiah ($9.57 USD) will get you from the airport to Canggu or Uluwatu (approx 13 miles away). It’s even less expensive if you’re staying near the airport in Seminyak or Ubud.

PRO TIP: Uber is not tolerated in Bali. Although there are Uber drivers on the island, travelers are heavily discouraged to ride in them. 

So how do you get around in Bali? 

You can hail a taxi, hire a personal driver or drive a motorbike.

Hail a Taxi – Use Grab And Go-jek

Grab and Go-Jek are two Uber-like services which offers both car and bike for hire. You can also enjoy the pleasure of not leaving your room and have important items delivered to you like groceries, restaurant food and even spa services.

Download the apps here: Grab | Go-jek

PRO TIP: Download either (or both) apps prior to departing for Bali. This way you can set up your account(s), payment methods and other info ahead of time. You can even schedule rides for the future,like when you land in Bali for example. 

Hire Your Own Driver

If you don’t want the hassle of booking transportation everytime you get ready to go somewhere then before you go hire a personal driver. They wait for you and is there to pick you up and drop you off wherever you want to go in Bali. They also help you know where to go and where not to go too. Personal drivers  are inexpensive but it’s safer to book them beforehand to see the reviews of the best drivers. Click here to get a list of safe, credible drivers.

Rent a Motorbike

Motorbikes are the best way to see Bali — if you’re comfortable with motorbikes. Now if you don’t like traffic this may frighten you at first but I suggest you just pace yourself at a safe pace and you’ll start to get used to it. 

Bali is packed with motorbikes on the roads and drivers are used to avoiding cyclist unlike here in the States.

Be sure to wear your helmet. Bali roads can get pretty wild as is, you want to protect yourself in case of an accident.

You can rent bikes on almost every corner depending on where you are staying in Bali. Bike prices run between 30,000-60,000 rupiah per day ($2.00 – $4.00 USD plus gas). 

PRO TIP: In Bali, drivers honk all the time! This is not a sign of disrespect or anger. Balinese rely heavily on their horns to communicate when rounding blind corners, passing another driver and many other occasions. So don’t get offended if someone honks at you.

Accommodation Check In

The goal here is to experience the most seamless check-in the resort. Every hotel check in time is relatively the same… 3PM. Plan to show up no more than an hour earlier if you’re expecting your room to be ready. You may even have to pay an additional early check in fee. 

If you arrive much earlier, no worries. Most hotels will hold you luggage safely while you explore a bit until check-in time. Contact your hotel or villa ahead of time to make sure they provide this service.

Hold Fees

Hold fees are exactly what the name says. Hotels hold monies during your stay to make sure you have enough money to cover your stay. The amount depends on the location and the length of your stay. Don’t panic. Just make sure you have enough funds on your card to cover the hold amount. Contact your hotel or villa ahead of time to find out if they apply hold fees and if so, what is the amount.


Some hotels require you to show your VISA or PASSPORT upon arrival too. So don’t freak out, just be prepared.

PRO TIP: The staff are the best people to talk to and get to know. The workers love to talk and teach their culture and don’t mind sharing the inside tips on things to do and not to do in Bali.

It is most important that your have your itinerary printed! We at Young Lifestyle Travel cannot stress this enough. Why?

Sometimes hotels make the mistake of putting you in the wrong room type. As soon as you enter your room, if there is any issue, bring it to the hotel’s attention. 

Here’s how:
Kindly go back to the check in counter and show them your itinerary. In an intelligent tone, inform them that your room doesn’t match your reservation or that something is wrong with your room. Always stay calm and respectful. 4 and 5 star Hotels pride themselves on their customer service. They strive not to  make these types of mistakes and often times will upgrade your room category above the one you paid for for free. 

Depending on how full the hotel or resort is, some solutions may take until the next day to rectify. 

Being Safe in Bali

Bali is a safe place. Extremely safe. The Balinese really look out for both the people that live there and their visitors. But like any place, you must use your common sense. This means not lingering out alone at night. 

Pay attention to your instincts. If the situation doesn’t feel right, then follow your gut feeling. Don’t ignore those warning signs because you’re having the time of your life.

Do some research before you arrive and ask the hotel staff where are the safe areas in town what areas (if any) should you stay away from. 

PRO TIP: Stick to the basics: Always stay with someone whenever possible. Don’t leave your stuff unattended. Don’t go off with strangers alone because they seem so fun. Use your common sense and you’ll have a great time!

If you’re rolling solo, stick to the crowds so that it isn’t obvious you’re by yourself.

Meeting People

One of the greatest rewards for Dream Junkies is returning from their trips with great memories of the many new people they’ve met while traveling. Join social media travel groups and hook up with those that will be traveling to the same area as you. Sometimes you may even find travelers who will be in Bali the same time as you. Keep in touch with them before your trip and if they seem cool, plan a meetup in Bali over lunch or coffee or an excursion. 

You’ll also meet amazing locals in Bali. We can’t stress enough to get to know the staff and locals as much as possible. They love to share stories about their country and island. They’ll go out of their way to help you and love to talk, ask where you’re from, and give advice about the island. 

With some of them, you may develop meaningful relationships with. Traveling is more than just showing up to a destination on your bucket list. It’s about getting immersed in the people and culture so much, you almost don’t want to leave.

In either case, be sure to use your common sense as previously discussed in the “Being Safe in Bali” section.

Where To Go?

There are so many ways to get travel ideas nowadays with social media. Your favorite go to spot will be Young Lifestyle Travel’s Instagram profile because we post tons of pictures of these beautiful places with captions to tell you a little bit about it. 

We are also continuously creating Bali travel videos on our YouTube channel to give you every bit of information we have so you can take full advantage of this mesmerizing island. This is the best way to get almost all the info you need on a destination before going there.

Destinations That Are Guaranteed Wins

Bali is a place where every type of traveler can find something to do. With this being a starter guide, we’re going to breeze over the basic sections of the island. In the future we’ll create full coverage tours of Bali for you to explore the island from where you are.

Seminyak: Party all Day – Think Miami minus the PDA, bikini and shirtless bods in the street. If you’re going to Bali in search of the Bali Party Life, Seminyak is hands down the place to be. Tons of great places to eat, drink and unwind like an adult.

Top 5 Recommendations + Young Lifestyle Discount Links:
The Oberoi Beach Resort Bali  |   Tijili Seminyak   | Samaja Beachside Villas  | Hotel Indigo Bali |   T S Suites Bali

Ubud: Relax and Release – This place is about sheer zen and peace. Looking for some one-on-one time with your significant other and some much needed spa treatments? Ubud is ready for you. Ubud is filled with villas perched high above the business of the island ensuring a tranquil experience.

Top 5 Recommendations + Young Lifestyle Discount Links:
Ubud Nyuh Bali Resort & Spa   | Warwick Ibah Villas & Spa   | The Sankara Suite & Villas By Pramana  |  Inang Ubud |   Royal Kamuela Ubud  

Uluwatu: Beach Haven – Bingin Beach and Greenbowl Beach have some of the most epic beaches for sunbathing and surfing. Dedicate an entire morning or sunset for each of these beaches for an unforgettable experience.

Top 5 Recommendations:
The Elementum   | Jamahal Private Resort & Spa  |   Renaissance Bali Uluwatu  | Poppies Bali  |   Royal Tulip Springhill Resorts Jimbaran   

Canggu: Nightlife Unlike Anything You’ve Experienced – The greatest Bali hub for the nightlife along with Seminyak. The best eating places are abundant and you can’t go wrong adulting in this spot while away on vacation.  All nearby nightlife starts and ends on Jalan Monkey Forest Ubud all the way to Jalan Pantai Kuta and everything in between.

Remember to play responsibly here. Bali does not go light on those who go overboard and forget that they are guests of the island.

Top 5 Recommendations + Young Lifestyle Discount Links:
Shore Amora Canggu   | The Haven Suites Bali Berawa  |  Rimbun Canggu Hotel  |  The Calmtree Bungalows  |   Tapa Tepi Kali   

Denpasar: Shopper and Experienceists Heaven – Shopping and museums are plentiful here. If you’re a history buff, explorer or bargain shopper, this is definitely where you want to stay or visit while in Bali.

Top 5 Recommendations + Young Lifestyle Discount Links:
Klumpu Bali Resort   |   Hyatt Regency Bali  |   The Samata  | Mahagiri Villas  |  Katala Villas

Gili Trawangan: Romantic Escape – Epic experience at this magical island away from the Bali Island but close enough to make this a day trip you won’t regret. Also known as Gili T, these three smaller islands are famous for their romantic beaches and amazing scuba diving schools and lets not forget the nightlife.

Top 5 Recommendations:
Ponte Villas  |  Pearl Of Trawangan   | Aston Sunset Beach Resort  |  Manta Dive Gili Trawangan Resort |   Pondok Santi Escape   


Getting to Gili Tis simple if you follow these quick tips. 

  1. Take a speed boat from Padang Bai and Sanur Beach. They depart three to four times a day. 
  2. Definitely have a plan B because the weather may cause a disruption in transportation to the island.Some tickets include hotel pick up and drop off and may cost you total ticket from 320,000 rupiah to 560,000 rupiah ($23 – $40 per person USD). Be prepared for a 90 minute boat ride to get there from the ports above.

PRO TIP #2: Use the links above to explore what each option has to offer and definitely feel free to take advantage of the savings you get from using these specially discounted links for our Dream Junkies.

Capturing the Moments

Don’t skimp on taking photos and videos in Bali. It’s nearly impossible not to find an instagram-able moment on every corner. So snap and record away!. 

PRO TIP #1: Take moments to soak up an experience first before whipping out the camera. Unless you see a once in a lifetime occurrence, take time to “smell the roses”. Then get the shot. 

Both your own memories and photos and videos are so important to have for generations to come. So don’t hold back. 

PRO TIP #2: When capture video of photos of other people, whether it be the Balinese natives or tourist, be considerate and simply ask for permission to do so.


Don’t think that everywhere you go people are money hungry or looking for tips. Bali in general has different thoughts about accepting money for what they are paid to do as a service.  America is huge on tipping of course because… well it’s America. 

In Bali tipping is considered a western concept. So it’s tipping is not generally expected, but it is greatly appreciated and goes a long way to show gratitude as a visitor on the island. In certain establishments, you may even see “no tipping” signs, indicating that the practice isn’t wanted in that particular place. Overall there are some many things to do in Bali, it is almost overwhelming. No worries, you can  come back again and again without breaking your bank account.

The Return Home

Pic and Video Storage and Backup:

Immediately transfer those memories you’ve captured on your camera to another device upon your return. We suggest some sort of cloud storage. You can even get a head start by uploading your pics and videos while you are away. External hard drives are also great ways to store these pics and videos.

Dealing with Leftover Money

If you followed our tips earlier about limiting the amount of money you convert upon arrival, you won’t have to worry about excessive rupiah floating around before you leave. 

If you do have some extra rupiah still lingering, consider getting souvenirs or splurge on that high priced lunch you’ve been eyeing… If you can’t find anything to spend the rupiah on, you can always convert that money back to US dollars, for a small fee of course.

Reflect on your Experience

Dream Junkies work on perfecting the art of travel trip after trip. Each time you travel somewhere you can make mental notes or jot down what you will and won’t do the next time. Where would you or  wouldn’t stay. What wouldn’t you eat or where would you like to eat and so forth. 

Maybe you’d want to travel with new people next time. Or stick with the same crew. Make notes on what you will do differently for Bali. Bali has so many things you missed, what would your return visit be like. Really take some time and reflect on this.. 

The most important part here is to begin planning the next trip. Whether it’s Bali or some other destination, talk with your fellow Dream Junkies, set a date, and begin putting the next escape in motion. You can even use the 15 Minute Travel Budget strategy again to get pricing.

Share and Inspire Others

There’s nothing like returning from a  great vacation off the beaten path and telling everyone about it. Believe it or not, most people can’t wait to hear about your trip in detail. In many ways, they get to experience Bali through you. You are their guinea pig for that island until they get the motivation and inspiration for them to experience Bali themselves.

The best way to share this experience is via social media. A quick picture and a synopsis of what happened on the day you took the photo is very effective. Document your daily routine too or even consider creating a blog. YouTube is also great for sharing your experience. 

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